The opportune moment.

Winnipeg Free Press - July 2017

★★★★1/2 Review

In one hour, Toronto’s kairos theatre takes the "broken-home kids go bad" formula to an extraordinary new level.

Writer/performer/directors Natalia Bushnik and Robin Luckwaldt Ross play two young sisters who watch their immigrant dream dissolve when their father deserts the family soon after arriving in Canada. The mother spirals into alcoholism ("She wasn’t a human being anymore") and the girls descend into drugs, depression and delinquency. In twisted desperation, they start thinking that "putting her out of her misery" would be an act of mercy, and the insurance money would finally give them a better life ("It wasn’t about getting good things! It was about getting rid of bad things!").

The acting is very good and the physical theatre equally impressive. The tactic of mesmerizing, ballet-like moves abruptly punctured with stabs of gasping and twitching appears unrelated and aggravating at first, but later reveals an appalling significance.

A complex and polished performance technically (the tech guys get a well-deserved nod) and artistically, this is one to see.

— Janice Sawka