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Combining verbal and movement-based story-telling to let the grey area in, and between us all, shine.

Photo by Dan Norman, Twin Cities Horror Festival, Minneapolis, 2018

Photo by Dan Norman, Twin Cities Horror Festival, Minneapolis, 2018

The Bathtub Girls

Created by Natalia Bushnik and Robin Luckwaldt.

The Bathtub Girls is a fiction inspired by the first documented case of sibling matricide in Canada. The play follows a family of three women living in Mississauga. The two sisters, encouraged by their friends, drown their mother in the bathtub of their family home. The play examines how three immigrants’ determination to assimilate into a Canadian suburb in Mississauga leads to the destruction of their family, and the rebuilding of the girls' lives. Their mother falls into a deep depression and alcoholism, until — from their perspective — the only solution is to end her life.

This is a story of marginalized young women. It is culturally necessary that we uplift the stories and needs of young people; it is our responsibility to help them cultivate tools for their future. The Bathtub Girls is an effort to wake people to this necessity. The events of the story take place in part due to neglect and complacency from the girls’ community. Our play exemplifies the consequences of ignoring young people in their times of need.

In its various iterations over the past three years of development, The Bathtub Girls has been produced at: Hamilton Fringe (Critics’ Choice, 2016); Tapestry Opera Space, as part of Then They Fight's Then Speak series 2017; Winnipeg Fringe 2017; and the curated season of the Twin Cities Horror Festival 2018, Minneapolis, USA. It will have a two-week performance run at The Assembly Theatre in Parkdale, Toronto, as part of their 2019 curated season.

Photo by Adam Brian.

Photo by Adam Brian.

Best Before:

Created and performed by Natalia Bushnik, Robin Luckwaldt, and Ilya Marvin.

An individual in his effort to recover from an eating disorder. A site-specific piece performed in the top boardroom of the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Best Before: was one of the selected works for the Frost Bites Festival 2017.

** VIEW Magazine “Top 10 Performances of 2017 **

Photo by Natalia Bushnik.

Photo by Natalia Bushnik.

Study of a Gambler in Neon

Created and performed by Robin Luckwaldt.

An elderly woman juggling between her gambling addiction and her family; Windsor, ON. 

** Adjudicator’s Award - presented by Maja Ardal, London One-Act Festival, 2016 **


Maybelle's Guide to Maintaining Perfection

Created and performed by Natalia Bushnik.

A psychoanalytic play that has been examined by psychology students as part of their research of personality disorders.

Photo by Robin Luckwaldt Ross.

Photo by Robin Luckwaldt Ross.

Maybelle, a girl of fourteen, works hard to be perfect. She schedules out each day in order to devote the proper amount of time refining each of her skills. To assist in these efforts, she made a list. This one-act, one-woman play, follows Maybelle preparing to go to school one morning, intercut with four future sessions with a child psychologist.

** Outstanding Original Script, and Outstanding Acting Performance, adjudicated by acclaimed Canadian Playwright, Maja Ardal (London One-Act Festival, 2016)

“Bushnik commands the stage the second she awakens” - The Hamilton Spectator

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